growing magic

As I sit here in the spring of 2021 psilocybin mushrooms are illegal, I imagine when I look back on this post in a couple years that will not be the case. This fungus is a medicine I believe in. I encourage anyone that finds this post to read Michael Pollan’s book How to Change Your Mind. Presently, there is a resurgence in the research of psilocybin led by John’s Hopkins. This fungus is the future of treatment for many “hard to treat” diseases.

Growing your own mushrooms has long been a daunting task for the common man. It is incredible that a fungus that sprouts out of cow shit can be so finicky at home. Nature is perfect, the little wooden box you live in is not. After scowering the world wide web for what felt like years I encountered the Uncle Bens subreddit. The “tek”, as it’s called in the shroom world, involves inoculating mushroom spores directly into bags of Uncle Bens Ready Rice. Instead of pasteurizing your own spawn you simply use pre-pasteurized brown rice. No need for any strange equipment.

Check out to learn more. The sidebar has every detail you might need. I have added extra links below that helped me along the way, perhaps they wilal help you. Keep in mind that illegal drug talk on the internet can be taken down, some of these links may die in the future. Hopefully those that made mushrooms illegal in the first place die instead.