venice beach field guide

Here is my opinion on what to do in Venice. I have lived in Venice full time for a year now and feel like I know it well enough. Money will not be a concern in this guide, I will simply tell you what things are worth your money and more importantly, your time. Venice in general is cool and worth your time.


  • Felix Trattatoria - best pasta and probably best fine dining in Venice.
  • Intelligentsia - best coffee around
  • Gjelina - california in a nutshell
  • Abbot Pizza - best cheap eat
  • Heavy Handed - best burger in la
  • Flake - best fast hungover breakfast
  • The Window - mid but can hit sometimes, especially with group of homies
  • Ospi - good enough italian in a sea of shit italian
  • Mao’s Kitchen (BYOB) - best group dinner for cheap and free fade
  • Jeni’s Ice Creams - best ice cream, way better than salt&straw


  • The Beach
  • Hot yoga at shefayoga
  • Drum Circle, Sundays @ The Gay Booth
  • Venice Knights Chess Club


  • Lululemon Pop Up
  • Erewhon
  • Luft
  • Nutritional Warehouse
  • Rivian Hub